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Downtown Cowtown is partnering with some of our fellow Texas presenters to present  “I Saw the Lights,” starring our great friend Jaston Williams of “Greater Tuna” fame in a darkly funny solo performance. The show, which filmed at the State Theatre in Austin, will air online through May 9, 2021.


Tickets for “I Saw the Lights” are available for purchase now. A virtual ticket is only $25 for 1 person or $35 if you are going to be watching with others. Click on the links below to purchase your tickets. All ticketing for this virtual performance must be purchased through The Paramount Theatre's ticket platform. 

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More About the Play
When mysterious lights appeared over Lubbock, Texas, in 1951, people wondered aloud whether they were part of some government plot, an invasion by the Russians or just seeing space aliens out to abduct Francine Whitharrel’s Persian cat. In “I Saw the Lights,” you will hear from the preacher with too much sense of humor, the hippie whose girlfriend longs to become a Comanche, a socialite from Connecticut who holds grudges against trees, and the cowboy with a chronic fear of water. All in all, nine variant characters are drawn together by the inexplicable and are forever bonded through their humanity and humor.

More About Jaston Williams
Playwright and performer Jaston Williams is best known as the co-author and co-actor of the hilarious “Greater Tuna” quartet of plays, each set in the fictional town of Tuna, Texas, the “third-smallest” town in the state. But he’s been a part of many celebrated stage presentations throughout his career. Williams’ performances have played on and off Broadway, throughout the US, and in all corners of Texas. He received the national Marquee Award, a lifetime achievement award from the League of Historic American Theatres. And among other honors, he’s also the recipient of the Texas Governor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts and the 2013 Texas Medal of the Arts award.

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