New Age: A Song and A Mission Statement

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

When The Cut Throat Finches came to us and wanted to film a music video for their single 'New Age,' we were thrilled. Although we are so excited to be under renovation, there is a mysterious beauty, which is simply magical. It needed to be captured. The Cut Throat Finches took the Isis, and told their story with it. The song is chilling and a call to action which the theatre demands.

Closed in '88 due to "seedy characters," the Stockyards hasn't been ready for her until now. Many of you Fort Worthians know that the Stockyards has undergone many changes in recent years. It's gone from gang violence, to a tourist destination. The Historic Isis has a personality, and it is time to show the public her charm, elegance, intrigue and beguiling character once again. It is a new age for the Theatre. It is a new age for the Stockyards. It is a new age for Fort Worth.

Prepare to be impressed by the 'New Age' music video. While watching, imagine the memories and stories that were created within the walls, by Fort Worth families, friends, romance and so much more.

About the Author:

Leah holds a bachelors degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Abilene Christian University. Prior to accepting the job as Marketing Director for the Historic Isis, she worked as a Marketing Director at Northwestern Mutual. When Leah is not working, she enjoys spending time with her dog Gus, and helping local rock band, Stoneleigh promote their new EP--Questionable Calls.

Leah Korte

Marketing and Sales Specialist