Debbie Garrett-Smith

Debbie has a wealth of experience, first beginning her career in the private sector working retail management for many years. From TV Listings to Hallmark, she has served at every level from entry to managerial. Convinced by a superintendent of schools that her talents were needed in the local high school, Debbie embarked on a journey in education teaching everything from Marketing and Public Relations, Work Cooperative programs, to History and English just to name a few. She has over 28 years of experience in the education and retail fields. Her strength in the retail field comes from her time served with Hallmark, as she was an integral player in store setup, development, training and implementation.

Debbie has performed the role of Teacher, Mentor, Manager, Director and Mother (of four beautiful children). Her diligence and attention to detail, and quality work ethic are unsurpassed. She believes in family first, and the power of collaboration breeds success.