Jeffrey Smith
Founder and CEO

Jeffrey has had a long and storied career that took him through restaurants, Theatres, and classrooms. Foodservice is what supported him through college and his early career days working with companies like Chili’s, El Chico, Wendy’s and Culinaire International (aka Dallas Market Center Food and Beverage).


Earning a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in Theatre Arts and Communications, life took a turn to professional theatres on the East Coast. His time in theatres coincided with a passion for learning, which led him to become a teacher, administrator, and Principal of a High School.

Jeffrey spent years in the classroom as a theatre teacher, building powerful programs of live theatre in various High Schools in the Metroplex. Looking for opportunities to grow and build strong connections with teachers and students, he moved up into administration serving as a House Principal and Principal. His focus has always been on improving performance in the classroom, both teachers and students. During his tenure, Jeffrey was also given the opportunity to work as a Theatre Arts consultant on multiple new constructions as an advisor to architectural companies for their design and build of Performing Arts spaces. He also continued to work with theatre companies throughout the state of Texas.

As evidenced throughout his life, Jeffrey has been actively involved in building, running, directing, producing and performing in theatres--both in front of the audience and behind the scenes—for over 35 years. He has run a community dinner theatre from inception to sale, served as a guest clinician for performance groups, Technical Director for regional theatres and TETA, a state theatre organization, and theatre consultant to industry leaders, educators and performers throughout the past 30 years. His theatrical and educational experiences make him uniquely qualified to be the orchestrator of this exciting project.

Throughout his career Jeffrey has performed the role of Actor, Technician, Producer, Director, Theatre Manager, Consultant, Clinician, Stage Manager, Coordinator, Facilities Manager,Teacher, student, Principal and mentor. Jeffrey considers himself a life-long learner, advocate for students and the Arts, and everyone’s innate ability to create positive social change.